Saraye Moshir  Shiraz

saraye Moshir of Shiraz is one of the old markets of this city, which Mirza Abul Hasan Khan Moshir al-Molk built during the Qajar era. This building is the most famous market in Shiraz after Vakil Bazaar, and its architecture is very similar to Vakil Bazaar. Moshir al-Mulk was very kind and benevolent and built many buildings, such as the Moshir Mosque and the Moshir Palace, which was called Moshir Hosseiniyeh in the old days.

saraye Moshir Shiraz, due to its centuries-old history, its unique architecture, and its location next to the Vakil complex, is today one of the sights of Shiraz city, visited by many domestic and foreign tourists; of course, it should be noted that now Also, many cells are engaged in business in saraye Moshir

. If you are interested in traveling to the city of Shiraz and seeing its historical and beautiful places, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

Every corner of saraye Moshir or saraye Golshan is full of wonder and beauty. Eye-catching art, Iranian-Islamic architecture, the large blue pond of Sahn Sera, rooms full of handicrafts and souvenirs from Shiraz, beautiful and colorful tiling, etc., all have made the atmosphere of Moshir Sera very lovely and spectacular.


Introducing saraye Moshir

saraye Mushir is a building dating from the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, whose other name is saraye Golshan. At first sight, Sarai Mushir in Shiraz is attached to Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, and it is not clear if they are separate from each other, due to the similarity of the architecture. Both markets, the only way to know that they are different is the courtyard of the Moshir Palace, which is located in the middle of the vestibule, and the pond and orange trees in the center add to its beauty

. The Moshir Palace was registered as a national monument in 1347 AH. Cultural heritage has arrived.

Moshir Palace of Shiraz was restored to some extent during the Pahlavi period, and the worn-out and destroyed parts of it have been restored, and the amount of the pool house has a perfect beauty in terms of tiling and moqrans work, which after restoration and reconstruction has become a teahouse

. and its rooms have been dedicated to display handicrafts and local arts of Fars province, and it has become known as an art gallery.

Saraye Moshir Shiraz Saraye Moshir Shiraz

At the entrance gate of saraye Moshir, you can see beautiful moqrans, which are known as Pai Ahu. When you enter saraye Moshir, you will see shops that sell dishes and inlaid paintings, and you will see antique shops that sell valuable items.

In saraye Moshir, there are jobs such as selling rings. Antique shop. Cloth and clothing sales are among the jobs that saraye Moshir is working on.

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Shopping at saraye Moshir

saraye Moshir Shiraz, due to its location in one of the important tourist places of Shiraz city, which is actually the axis of Shah Cheragh towards Vakil Bazaar, and because of the beautiful building and the large and heartwarming courtyard located in the middle of this building, it has long been an important destination for domestic tourists to visit. And it was foreign.

Among the industries that operate in this place we can mention inlaying, embroidering, engraving, pen making, engraving on gold and copper, and carpet weaving.