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When we visit PARS, we get to explore one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations, with its urban and historical settlements dating back to 7000 BC. we'll find Iran's 27 cases and more than 100 individual locations UNESCO World Heritage Sites dotted across its major cities and small towns

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How to obtain a visa for Iran? Here is our legal advice for foreigners. The foreign citizens need a visa for entering Iran and the easiest way is to obtain a visa code online, helped by our expert team.

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visit iran

Iran, once land of Persian empires and cradle of civilization, takes the 9th place in the list of countries with the most UNESCO world heritage sites, having a beautiful legacy of art and archeological treasures.

Being very warm & welcoming toward foreigners is a part of Iranian culture & hospitality. The country has a lot to offer to every kind of tourist and they will have plenty of options whether they want to have cheap or luxury trip.

It is most likely to experience the four seasons at same time and people can enjoy skiing in the Zagros mountains and have sun bath on beach of the Persian Gulf at same time by getting a domestic flight.

In spite of the media propaganda, Iran is one of the safest countries for tourists in the Middle East and travelers will be amazed when they see it with their own eyes.

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Have you ever thought of visiting the nomads while your travel to Iran? Here is our offer to you to visit this unique lifestyle. Our daily tours to visit the Qashqai Nomads start at 14:00 in Shiraz and you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide to experience the life of nomads. You will drive about 50 km towards south west of Shiraz and will get to their place in about an hour. You will get to know the families and how they breed sheep & goats. When sunset, you will be amazed seeing hundreds of sheep & goats coming down from the hills around to be gathered in their own special places and rest at night. The night will be concluded with a delicious dinner with a nomad family. You will then sleep in the nomad tent and will have breakfast with the family the day after. Saying Good bye to the nomad family will be the last part of the tour and the same road back to Shiraz will be ahead of you.

Golden Triangle of Iran

To visit Iran, why not thinking about a round and road trip starting/ending from/to Shiraz?
Here is the itinerary: Day 1: Shiraz (Arrival), transfer to hotel. Visit Shiraz.

Day 2: Visit Shiraz.
Day 3: Drive to Yazd via Persepolis, Naqsh-e-Rostam. (440 km)
Day 4: Visit Yazd. Day 5: Drive to Isfahan via Meybod & Naien. (320 km)
Day 6: Visit Isfahan.
Day7: Visit Isfahan.
Day 8: Drive to Shiraz via Pasargadae. (480 km) – Departure. This short trip gives you the chance to visit Iran’s beautiful mosques, bazaars, ruins of Achaemenid dynasty as well as wonderful landscapes and hospitable people.

Around Iran

Day 01: Arrival, Shiraz, transfer to hotel. Visit Shiraz.
Day 02: Visit Shiraz.
Day 03: An excursion to Persepolis, Naqsh-e-Rostam & Pasargadae.
Day 04: Drive to Kerman. (570 km) – Visit Kerman.
Day 05: Drive to Lut desert (Kalout), Rayen & Mahan. (200 km)
Day 06: Drive to Yazd (390 km)
Day 07: Visit Yazd.
Day 08: Drive to Isfahan via Meybod & Naien (320 km)
Day 09: Visit Isfahan.
Day 10: Visit Isfahan.
Day 11: Drive to Kashan (200 km) – Visit Kashan.
Day 12: Drive to Hamedan (380 km) – Visit Hamedan. Day 13: Drive to Tehran (320 km) – Visit Tehran.
Day 14: Visit Tehran. Day 15: Departure.

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