Iran Tourist Visa

Having to obtain Iran visa might take all the fun out of traveling. We are here to get it back to you. Just apply online below and let us do the rest. It costs you only 14 EUR and it takes you just 7 Working days to get your visa authentication number. Here are a few points before you get started with your visa application.

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How to apply and get Iran visa?

By the regulations of the Iran MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) a Tourist visa is issuing for the foreigners who are interested to come to Iran with the purpose of visiting Iran. No matter if they are travelling individually or with a group.

This type of visa is issued for a maximum duration of 30 days, which also could be extended in Iran if necessary. The visa is valid for a period of 3 months from the issuing date.

Depending on the applicant nationality and the consulate which you refer, it is possible to submit your travel documents and receive a visa grant notice after some days without any reference from Iran or apply through the MFA e-visa system yourself. Kindly be aware that after the covid times applying through the MFA E-visa system by yourself is a time-consuming and ineffective try, it will get rejected with no doubts.

Most consulates need an authorization code which is called the visa grant notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. Having this authorization code is the most important step in your visa application and there is not much left when you have it. You will have your visa within 1 or 2 days after getting the visa grant notice.

As an alternative to the consulate visa pick up, you may be interested in collecting your visa at the international airport once you land. This is also possible; you will simply choose the one of the following airports in your application form depending on your flight arrival details.

  • IKATehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • MHDMashhad International Airport
  • SYZShiraz International Airport
  • IFNIsfahan International Airport
  • TBZTabriz International Airport
  • AWZAhvaz International Airport
  • KIHKish International Airport
  • GSMQeshm International Airport
  • KERKerman International Airport
  • OMHUrmia International Airport
  • BNDBandar Abbas International Airport
  • BUZBushehr International Airport

Kindly be noticed according to the new MFA regulations after the covid times, In order to a successful visa issuance procedure and a hassle free entry, you MUST have the valid MFA electronic issued visa grant notice with you for both ways, collecting your visa from a consulate or issuing it upon your arrival at one of the above mentioned international airports.

Traveling to Iran with a touristic visa would give you the opportunity to enjoy Iran’s deep history behind, its super rich culture and lovely people!

Enjoy majestic Iran!

Visa-free countries

According to international law and interim agreements, it is possible to enter Iran for a citizen of some countries without a visa through conventional procedures. These people can obtain the necessary permits to enter at the points of entry according to the rules and conditions set. Citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and China will be subject to visa waiver laws.

Step 1: Applying. Filling out the form in our website or send it to us via WhatsApp chat

After you fill the FORM, we will submit a formal application using your submitted data and will send it to the MFA (Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs) which authorizes the consulate/International Airport for issuing the visa.

Please make sure that your details have been entered correctly. Of course, they must match the passport info and the documents which may be needed later to be presented to the consulate or airport visa office for picking up your visa.

Step 2: Payment

The visa grant notice fee is EUR 14.00. After receiving your information, we will send you our service invoice and the payment options, as an option, for your own convenience you can directly transfer the fee to our bank account. (Euro/USD/GBP) We will send you our account details After the submission of the application and you will do the transaction.

This fee is different than the visa issuance and stamp fee which you must pay to the consulate or upon arrival in the visa office at your arrival international airport in order to the visa issuance (step 4).

Step 3: Receiving the visa grant notice (Authorization letter)

The output will be the visa grant notice which is an authorization letter which will be transferred to the Iranian Consulate which you have chosen in the online application form.

You will receive the visa grant notice document as a PDF file including the visa tracking code. with the received document you will be able to pick up your visa.

If you have mentioned a consulate in your application form for collecting your visa, please kindly be aware that the authorization code is only valid for a month from the issuance date and only accepted in the CHOZEN consulate for taking further actions.

For any reason you might need to change the mentioned consulate for picking up your visa, in this case you will be asked for a small extra charge.

Step 4: Picking up the Visa

A. For applicants who chose a consulate in their online application for collecting the visa

With the visa grant notice in your hand, you need to go to the mentioned consulate. In addition, make sure to have the following documents with you:

  1. Your passport*
  2. The completed visa application form**
  3. New passport size photos. 2 pcs (Depending on the consulate, it might not be needed always)
  4. The visa issuance fee (which depends on your nationality)


Always check and make sure about the necessary documents with the consulate as they may differ from one consulate to another.

You may also be able to send the documents and receive the visa via mail. For more information contact the consulate.

*In order to apply for any types of Iran visa, You MUST hold a government issued passport with at least 6 months of validity

**The visa application form can be picked up from the consulate.

B. For applicants who chose to collect their visa upon arrival at the international airport:

If you choose to collect your visa upon arrival at the international airport you may need to do the following:

Print the visa grant notice and have in in your hand. Before the passport check, present your valid passport and the visa grant notice to the visa office, fill the visa issuance form and pay the VOA fee which depends on your nationality. It’s done!

Enter and enjoy the glorious Iran!