Nasir Al Mulk mosque


For some people Nasir-Al – Mulk mosque might be unknown yet it is one of the most magnificent and beautiful mosques in Shiraz. Its breadth is not as big as Vakil or Jam-e No mosques (also located in Shiraz) but its architecture is so unique and gorgeous that one can call it a masterpiece of Qajari tile work.



History of the mosque


The mosque is located in “Gowd-e Araban” area formerly known as “Eshagh Beyg” area on today’s “Lotfali khan zand” street in Nasir Almulk alley. The mosque’s area is 2730 square meter. The mosque was built during the Qajar dynasty, and is still in use under protection by the Endowment Foundation of Nasir al Mulk. Construction began in 1876 by the order of Mirza Hassan Ali Nasir-Al-Mulk, one of the lords and aristocrats of Shiraz, the son of Ali Akbar Qavam al-Mulk, the kalantar of Shiraz and was completed in 1888. The designers were Mohammad Hasan-e-Memar, a Persian architect who had also built the noted Eram Garden before the Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Mohammad Hosseini Shirazi, and Mohammad Reza Kashi-Saz-e-Shirazi. Its tile work and the columns are adapted from Vakil mosque.


Nasir Al Mulk mosque
Nasir Al Mulk mosque


Why should you visit Nasir Al Mulk?


The mosque is such a beautiful masterpiece with stunning tiles and colorful glasses from Qajar era also known as pink mosque where you can spend hours.


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Its architecture


This is a space where light and worship intertwine. The mosque comes to life with the sunrise and colors dance throughout the day like whirling dervishes. It reflects on the ground, walls, the arches and the towering spires. It even reflects on the visitors as if a colorful ball is hit by the first sun ray and explodes to thousands of butterflies all around.

When looking at the photos of the interior of Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque one might think they are 3D images made by professional software. One might not be wrong, if one sees some 3D works inspired by the mosque itself.  There are two wooden doors for the mosque. On one of the doors you can see a carved poem by Shirazi poet “Shoorideh Shirazi” who had said this poetry at the time of mosque’s building completion.


Nasir Al Mulk mosque
Nasir Al Mulk mosque


Best time to visit


The mosque is open every day at 08:00 to late afternoon but it is always wise to be there between 09:00 to 11:00 when one can get the best light for photography.