Manar Jonban


Manar Jonban (or Manar Gonbad) is a historical monument located in Isfahan, Iran. It is famous for its unique shaking minarets that attract many visitors every year. The monument is also known as the “shaking minarets” or “wonder minarets”. In this article, we will explore the history and architecture of isfahan



Manar Jonban was built during the Ilkhanate era in the 14th century. The monument consists of two shaking minarets and a central dome. It is said that the construction of Manar Jonban was commissioned by Amu Abdollah Soqla, a mystic who was buried in the nearby mausoleum.



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Visiting Manar Jonban









In conclusion, Manar Jonban is more than just a monument with shaking minarets; it is a symbol of Iran’s rich cultural heritage and architectural achievements. A visit to this site is not just an opportunity to witness its unique features but also to appreciate the history and traditions that have made it an important part of Iran’s identity.